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Five Points Media is a community-focused social enterprise broadcast-quality on-line media service that offers a non-judgmental social voice to those who are all too often ignored by mainstream news services.

Toothless Tyger Taken To Task, 2019

Toothless Tyger Taken To Task

A couple of weeks ago we published an article about how Tyger Shark, a local website design company, had threatened to file unsupportable vexatious civil litigation against our benevolent not-profit-motivated social enterprise that donates all services to our community and all profits to local charities. The reason for their vacuous threat was because we did not move fast enough when they asked us to do them a favour by deleting from our YouTube channel a benign video that they had participated in producing as part of a Chamber of Commerce awards banquet five years ago. The original article can be found here.

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Tyger Shark Has Threatened Legal Action Against Benevolent Community and Charity Service, 2019

And all because of a five-year-old community video they clearly worked on with us and now claim they know nothing about . . . hmmm.

Tyger Shark Has Threatened Legal Action Against Our Benevolent Community and Charity Service

Bullying is frowned upon by our culture, and with very good reason. We teach children not to pick on other kids, especially the weaker or smaller, and most people treat those who abuse others as cowards. We know now that those abusive children often lash out due to fear as perhaps that is all they know at home.

Regardless, you need look no further than the world’s reaction to Trump’s public mockery of a disabled reporter to see the level of disgust this kind of action can generate. The same is true for companies that use abusive legal actions to legally steal what they want.

It is likely because we give so much to the community and charities that we seemed like an easy target.

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