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The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Community of Simcoe County

The above videos offer a cross-section view of the LGBTQ community in Simcoe County as seen from their allies

Up until just a few years ago those living within what is now known as the LGBTQ community hid in the shadows of society, disguising who they are to avoid violence, persecution, exclusion, and prejudice of many kinds. Happily, at least north of the border, people are now more enlightened and accepting of this community, as ignorance is at least falling to awareness.

As has been proven effective in any issue, be it global warming or LGBTQ rights, the more who know the truth the better for the cause

Regardless, prejudice remains an issue, especially with regards to those over forty, and as such our video services have proven valuable to Barrie Pride as a means of public education that can reach people in the privacy of their own homes, where they are less likely to feel under the spotlight for showing an interest in the issue.

Five Points Media has produced several videos for Barrie Pride, not all of which are shown here, and we look forward to doing so many more times in the future