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The City of Barrie Network

A Community Focused Network Built On Altruistic Advertising - Download our media package here

If your image as an entrepreneur or that of your brand is important to your standing as a business in Barrie, you need to consider the affect that association with our locally-focused community and charity programming could have on your status within the community. You also need to contemplate how that association could give an advantage to your competition.

Throughout the past five years, our focus at Five Points Media has been our shared community and the charities that call Barrie home. We have so far donated in excess of 100 video projects to the citizenry of Barrie, and our average audience now for a social media boosted video is in excess of 5,000 mostly local viewers.

Our commitment to our community resulted in an unexpected tripling of business for our commercial division, 3B Solutions, and a Five Star rating on both Facebook and Google for both 3B Solutions and Five Points Media. Now we want to share our good fortune through a network of non-competing, local-only businesses in Barrie and Innisfil that will extend our reach and offer unprecedented options in locally-focused advertising.

Those who become members of the City of Barrie Network will enjoy all the advantages of standard advertising, while also generating a positive image of community involvement and philanthropy. They will also benefit from industry-specific exclusivity and the returns that come from the kind of customer loyalty that is generated exclusively by altruistic advertising.

If that does not entice you, Five Points Media is a not-profit-motivated social enterprise, so our advertising rates are by far the lowest in the region, and any profits generated by the City of Barrie Network will be donated to three local charities that will rotate each year. We are also currently offering free promotional videos valued at about $2,500.00 to the first 20 companies that take advantage of this amazing offer to advertise in a way that helps them, and the Barrie economy, and of course our local community.

There are no catches or hidden costs.
We are offering the power of altruistic advertising
that will reach as many as 500,000 mostly local viewers per month
for as little as one-tenth of half a cent per person reached.

Mutually Supportive Networking Through Altruistic Advertising

To stay in business, we must all attract customers. However, advertising though any form of media can be like a stroll though a minefield when trying to reach prospective customers in a way that is appealing. In that light, Barrie’s only social content video channel is now able to offer an industry-exclusive option for your business to reach tens of thousands of local consumers with an attractive altruistic message for the lowest rates available for any local media. Our fully-established and growing community-focused platform quickly tripled the size of our commercial division while also causing a dramatic increase in interest for a local independent medical business that we partnered with to streamline their promotion.

The City of Barrie Network is new, but our multiple local award-winning business in Barrie is eight years old. Since 2014, through to 2018, we have been identified as ‘Barrie’s Best Videographers’ as chosen by local businesses, and we have produced programming for, or been consulted by, every major business group and organization in Barrie. Those include but are not limited to the City of Barrie, the Greater Barrie Chamber of Commerce, the Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre, Georgian College, and the townships of Adjala-Tossorontio, Essa, Innisfil, Medonte, Nottawasaga, Tecumseh, and more. See Local Focus for details.

The first smaller spike in traffic is the result of our sponsor credit advertising, while the last day is the result of a ten-second feature video post.

The first smaller spike in traffic is the result of our sponsor credit advertising,
while the last day is the result of a ten-second feature video post.

Our social voice, Five Points Media, is also well-established within the City of Barrie. Now four years old, it features better than 2,000 followers and an audience of more than 5,000 (and up to 30,000) views per video we release.

The City of Barrie Network is more than just broadcast quality videos about those helping our community. It is a promotional vehicle through which altruistic advertising boosts small and medium local business, and it is a non-competitive referral network though which only-local businesses can promote themselves and each other directly to the computers, smart TVs, and phones of people living within our community.

Five Points Media provides a voice for those who have none, commentary as a social eye on our city, and a powerful tool of self-promotion for community groups and charities. Ours is a professional production facility that creates only state of the art production quality. This can be seen by viewing some of our recent community videos like the Community Give and Get, ‘Let’s Give a Kid a Christmas’ Superheroes Promo, the Candlelighters Superhero Stomp Promo, and the Barrie Public Library - BPL Comic Con 2018. It is also a social voice that connects local residents through programming like the Remembrance Day Ceremony, Barrie, 2018, Trials and Triumph Promo - First assisted team to enter Barrie Triathlon, and Accessibility - 'I felt . . . like nothing I guess'. A full list of our most recent 50 or so productions can be found here.

This page contains likely more information than most business owners will read; however, we want our members to make an informed decision. Altruistic advertising is now the most powerful means of self-promotion ever known, and until now it was available only to massive companies with seemingly unlimited advertising budgets. Now, through the City of Barrie Network, local businesses can work together to promote themselves to consumers in a positive way that shows community unity. It also works to help the community and the charities that call Barrie home, which builds buyer trust and loyalty. Our structure of production and broadcast is also designed to allow each member business to promote themselves by sharing our productions and taking appropriate credit for their participation and support.

The City of Barrie Network offers a win-win-win scenario for local businesses, the community, and the city’s economy. It is now being offered only in the City of Barrie and is available only to local businesses. Membership is exclusively available to only one business in each industry-specific category. If you are interested in discussing details, please call us now before a competitor takes your place.

What is the City of Barrie Network?

Your business can now reach more than 5,000 mostly local new clients or customers
for just $25.00 or .5¢ per viewer - and that is without sharing, liking, and reposting

The goal of self-promotion is to introduce your product or service to prospective consumers and convince them to buy from you. Effective advertising is defined as the art of reaching the greatest number of potential customers with a positive or memorable message by using the most effective means that costs the least per consumer reached.

For more than four years our team has worked to develop the infrastructure of the City of Barrie Network. Now we can offer a proven means of business promotion that allows a hundred local non-competing businesses to promote themselves, each other, and the community through the shared message of ‘Our Community United’.

This is accomplished through the production of locally-focused community videos that are broadcast to tens of thousands of local people through self-promotional sharing on Facebook, and on other social media, and through our website.

The City of Barrie Network is like no other advertising option available anywhere. We use existing and readily available online communications technology combined with our 30 years of experience in international journalism and video production to reach tens of thousands of local consumers with stories about their own community. For business owners the advantages are numerous.

  1. We currently have in place an established and growing audience of tens of thousands of mostly local people.
  2. On average, when boosted on social media, our videos are watched by more than 5000 mostly local viewers.
  3. Several of our social documentary videos have been watched by more than 30,000 Barrie area viewers.
  4. Each member business will enjoy industry-specific exclusivity, so they will stand out against their competition.
  5. Video is the most effective means of advertising, and interest in local video has increased 1,000% during the past year.
  6. Videos about local issues and stories are amongst the most watched on the Internet and generate millions of dlilars in business.
  7. Local stories generate interest from regional consumers and help boost brand exposure for neighbourhood member businesses.
  8. Member businesses are viewed by our audience as active contributors to the community, which builds customer loyalty.
  9. Local member businesses are promoted as being compassionate enterprises that help those in need.
  10. Those of special needs and their families are known to shop at businesses that show support for their community.
  11. Current youth ‘Hipsters’ have been shown to base a lot of their shopping decisions on the perceived ethics of the business.
  12. Member businesses are seen to be actively building the city economy while helping those in need of community support.
  13. Our local-only network of member businesses and viewers will cross promote and boost business awareness and sales.
  14. Local charities benefit from our donated promotional services, and businesses benefit from being seen to help those causes.
  15. As a not-profit-motivated social-enterprise, we can offer the lowest cost per target audience rate of any local media.
  16. Any profits made by the City of Barrie Network will be donated to three local charities that will rotate yearly.

Short-Term Introductory Offer – Available Only To Our First Twenty Members

We know that despite the various awards and kudos of the community and business establishment, we are an unknown to many local business owners. We also know we offer an amazing opportunity to those with the insight to understand the power of what we are offering. So, in order to show our abilities, we are offering to record and produce, free of charge, a broadcast-quality promotional video cut to ten seconds, thirty seconds, and a minute in length (see example links) offered only to the first twenty business that commit to a six-month period of membership. We will also provide a standardised webpage where your customers can see that video. We get to the low cost of membership later in this package, but sufficed to say, the value of the video and webpage far exceed the cost of the advertising. We will also be offering other incentives, such as no-cost promotions for altruistic events and reports from community projects organized by member businesses.

Altruistic Advertising

This is not our video, but we think the people at Google know what works online

When promoting your business through media of any kind you do not meet the customer. They also cannot ask questions. Therefore, the buyer must feel cause to purchase from you instead of a competitor. To build that needed trust, you must find a cost-effective means to engage the consumer in a positive way that will make them feel good about buying from you.

For decades entrepreneurs generated goodwill within their community by supporting charities, youth sports teams, and any public events to which they could attach their brand. This method of promotion worked, and it continues to do so; however now we can broadcast your shared acts of philanthropy to a much larger audience via online video broadcast through social media and YouTube.

It is reported that in 2018, Anheuser-Busch, the brewers of Budweiser, spent two point five million dollars during the Superbowl telling the world how they donated one hundred thousand dollars worth of canned water to disaster relief. Closer to home, Tim Horton’s hired a documentary team to tell the story of how they had brought to Canada a team of aspiring hockey players from Kenya, and McDonalds recently released a promotional video for Ronald McDonald house featuring two families from Muskoka who had benefitted from the corporation's altruistic support.

Why would America’s biggest brewery spend twenty-five times as much money on a one-time goodwill advertisement, and why would Canada’s biggest coffee franchise care about African hockey players?

These massive companies have learned to benefit from promoting their brands in a powerful way that until now was out of reach of most small and medium business owners.

The secret they have tapped into is Altruistic Advertising; or being seen to be active and caring members of the community in which they do business.

Online Video

Return to First Video

Please click on the links to watch all three lengths and styles of online commercials.

Online video accounted for 84% of all Internet traffic during 2017, and viewership of community videos increased by about one thousand percent. This proves that the kind of programming we produce is without question popular with a growing audience and that it is watched, liked, and shared more than any other form of social media. Best of all, the community and charity supporting videos produced by Five Points Media are all local in content and subject matter, or on occasion they are about an exceptional person or organization that is of general interest.

Five Points Media is not a daily news service, and we do not often release our videos immediately after the event. We produce more in-depth social documentaries that involve interviews, research, and fact-checking. The closest comparison we can suggest is Sixty Minutes or Marketplace. We are non-partisan in our reporting and we remain neutral in the presentation of the facts. Regardless of the subject, we speak with representatives from all sides of a story. Our programming has been proven repeatedly to inspire conversation, media interest, research, and repeated viewing, meaning the local member businesses will not be forgotten simply because their name fades from the screen.

In addition to sponsorship credits, we can also offer professionally produced video commercials. Some would be short and inserted before our programming, while others would be longer and meant to be used with links from our Facebook posts and website to a special page on our server that would be designed to promote a specific member business. We can also create altruistic advertising spots through which your business can address why it is personally important to you to help the community. That is a powerful way to generate interest and loyalty.

We can also offer to record and report on any altruistic or community event held by a member business at no charge or at cost, depending on the scale of the production and purpose of the finished video. This offers a very powerful means of self-promotion while helping the community. Please view the link directly above for an example of this kind of no-charge or low-cost method of powerful self-promotion.

Exclusively Local

Advertising on the City of Barrie Network is available ONLY to local business owners and operators. We will not accept membership or advertising from big box outlets, chain stores, or franchises. We also offer industry-specific exclusivity that will eliminate the risk of a conflict of interest that could limit the effectiveness of our cross-promotion network.

To ensure the value of our service, we have compiled a list of about 200 specific industry types found in our area. Many large industries, such as real estate, are broken down into specifics like residential, commercial, and property management, as most professionals in that trade work mostly in one area. The same can be said for a bakery that makes cakes that does not directly compete with one that specializes in bread, and how a handyman service is not the same as a carpenter. A complete list can be made available.

Through your association with the City of Barrie Network, your business will stand out amongst your competition when you are seen twice weekly on your own social platforms to be supporting our projects that help the community that we all share and the charities that call it home. It is also easy to understand how such consistent visible support of the community and charity will single your business out for kudos and awards for altruism within your marketplace. The wise entrepreneur will see the many benefits of advertising on the City of Barrie Network.


The City of Barrie Network is meant to be mutually supporting and non-competitive, so only one business from any industry-specific business sector can become a member.

Sadly, our policy of exclusivity is a double-edged sword. If a local business owner does not accept our offer to join the City of Barrie Network, or they procrastinate, the offer will be made to their competitors. If one of them accepts, they will also be offered first right of refusal for continued membership. We have already been contacted by business owners of various industry-specific groups asking for information and even offers to join without details based solely on the obvious benefits. However, we have chosen to exercise our right to select our fist choice for each industry before accepting membership from people we do not know. We do not wish to ostracise any business, but it is our desire to ensure that top-line local business are the core of the City of Barrie Network. To do so will optimize its reach and value for advertising.

Networking At Its Best

Our video on this subject is currently in production, so we are sharing this for now.

We have so far been the exclusive supporters of our video programming, and in return we alone have enjoyed the 300% growth in business that came as a result of our commitment to our community. Now, as a five-year-old established network, we are offering this unique method of advertising that will help Barrie businesses, support our local community, and boost our local economy through the message ‘Our Community United’.

On our network, a local bakery would repost our story with their own comment identifying themselves as an active member of both the City of Barrie Network and the community. That positive post would then be seen and likely shared by their existing and potential customers. However, the effect does not stop there. That shared post then also helps promote the local flower shop and café who are also members. They in turn share the video in the same way, which promote them, and also the bakery and all other members of the City of Barrie Network. The network then grows stronger as more businesses join and help to promote the message of ‘Our Community United’. This is all accomplished by Barrie businesses doing nothing more than sharing our local videos on social media and adding a note to signify their support. The all-local advertisers who are associated with the positive stories are automatically linked to the good karma for the community.

In addition to attaining the brand recognition that is associated with any form of advertising, these local businesses are seen to support various local causes and benevolent organizations within the community simply through their association with the City of Barrie Network. They also spend less to reach their target potential customers with a positive and memorable message. Meanwhile charities and the community benefit from the exposure and free productions they can use to raise funds and educate the public.

It is a win-win-win situation.

Cross Promotion

Our video on this subject is currently in production,
so let's listen to an independent expert support exactly what we are doing.

The power of the City of Barrie Network is two-fold. The local programming attracts area viewers, and the structure of our network of local-only businesses ensures larger audiences who will see your brand. One post of an original local video on our Facebook page draws on average 5,000 views, which is about 50% of those reached on Facebook. We then also share it on YouTube, Instagram, and through Twitter.

So, how many local consumers will watch our programming and see your brand when the video is shared by a hundred businesses within the network; each of which will benefit directly from sharing our content? How long will it take before consumers subconsciously identify your business as one that cares for their community? For us, it started happening within a few months and it snowballed over time.

We are not saying that 100 shares of our programming will cause a reciprocal increase in viewership, but a ten-times boost is very conceivable. We base that on increases that have occurred when we shared Five Points Media content on the Facebook pages of 3B Solutions, City of Barrie Network, and a single client page. By utilizing the power of the network, we can project viewership of 50,000 people or more for each video, which are scheduled to be produced at a rate of 10 per month, or two community programs per week and two social documentaries released every second weekend. That equates to half a million people reached each month, and for a cost you will not believe.

Several of our videos have been viewed by more than 30,000 people, and that is just from one post on Facebook and then YouTube. Viewership will grow exponentially as more local businesses join the City of Barrie Network and share the programming they helped to make. Their friends, family, and customers do the rest as they share, like, or repost the local story on their social media. The average Facebook user has more than 150 online friends who see everything they like and share, and despite the international power of that massive social network, most friends are local to the user. Suddenly you are not dealing with tens of thousands of views, but a multitude more, and our shared message of ‘Our Community United’ suddenly reaches an almost incalculable number of local consumers.

We have produced charity and community videos for a plethora of organizations and groups too numerous to list. The full value of these services was donated by Five Points Media. Time and again the organizers credited us with causing their charity to raise tens of thousands of dollars from local residents who also noticed which businesses were helping the cause. In response, many of them have said thank you by hiring our commercial division to produce a training video, an event recording, or a promotional advertisement. We simply would not have been able to afford to donate more than 100 professional video productions had we not received a reciprocal increase in commercial business as a result. City of Barrie Network member businesses will share in that glow, and they should enjoy similar return on their investment.

A New Age of Advertising

Our video on this subject is currently in production,
so here are a group of marketing experts repeating our message.

Print advertising is expensive, and the medium is dead or dying fast. All publications claim readership based on distribution, but who is actually seeing your ad, and what are those free papers really being used for? Television was at one time king, but now there are so many choices of things to do during commercial breaks that there is no way to know who, if anybody, is truly being reached by your message. Radio is a great source of entertainment, but as most listeners are either in their car or at work while the music is playing, how many people are able to take note of information in your ad? Do-it-yourself options may appear to save money, but they are mostly not effective, and they often look cheap which sends a bad image of your business.

Online video is targeted directly into the homes and cell phones of consumers, and due to the inclusion of online links it is easy for those interested in your business to instantly access more information and save it to their files. Also, target audience numbers are not a guess, as the visit of each viewer is recorded, and you know that those who clicked on the video containing your ad chose to view it.

Proven results

Before launching the City of Barrie Network, we wanted to make sure it worked for other types of businesses, and we are happy to be able to show that it does. During the summer of 2018, Kayte Armstrong, a highly experienced small and large animal veterinarian, graduated from a comprehensive four-year program in Osteopathy. Approximately a year earlier, Kayte had opened a manual therapy business called Still Moving that she ran part-time while finishing her career-changing education and occupational training.

During that year, the Facebook for Still Moving attracted only about 40 likes and followers, and the client list was suitably modest for a part-time business. When Kayte graduated it was time to promote, so she asked our crew to produce and post advertisements for Still Moving which ran for ten seconds before four of our videos during October and November. The response was simply astounding. The Facebook page for Still Moving jumped to more than 160 likes in less than two weeks, and the calls for information and online bookings grew exponentially.

As can be seen in the screengrab on the first page of this information, interest in Still Moving spiked immediately after each video advertisement was shown as part of one of our programs. Kayte also followed our request to share the video on her business Facebook page and to make of note of how her business had helped us present the community programming. Our tests with Still Moving proved that advertising through the City of Barrie Network offers a variety of effective options, and all at rates that cannot be touched by any other media.


Membership in the City of Barrie Network is sold on a group package basis that when amortized results in a fee of only $25.00 per video.

That’s it. There is no other shoe about to fall and there are no hidden costs.

For that small price the name of every member business will be rolled in the credits and linked to in the tags on our heavily followed Facebook page. Then, each member company can share our production on their social media and make comment about their contribution.

If calculated on just 5,000 viewers, that cost breaks down to 0.5 cents per local consumer reached.

Although we will accept month by month arrangements, totalling just $250.00 per month to reach as many as 500,000 people over ten video projects, we can only offer the free video and webpage as outlined above to the first twenty member companies that pay the six months fees up front. We expect that offer to be taken advantage of very quickly, so it is not likely the offer will still be available after six months of scheduled payments. The videos, cut to ten seconds, thirty seconds, and a minute (see example links) are estimated to be valued at approximately $2,500.00 which more than covers the full six months commitment of only $1,500.00.

We can offer these extremely low advertising rates because we will be spreading production costs across one hundred local member businesses who will each contribute only 1% of production costs while enjoying 100% of the benefits of membership in the network. Also, as Five Points Media is a not-profit-motivated social enterprise our focus is on bettering our community. We also have no ties to big corporate mainstream media. Five Points Media is a completely independent venture that is currently unique to Barrie.

Each member will be granted access to a webpage on which we will post the subject matter of upcoming videos. If any member for any reason does not want to be credited in that particular video we will respect their wishes. Member businesses will also be offered the option on a first come first serve basis to run the ten-second commercial we create for them at the beginning of any program we produce. This will allow our local-only members to enjoy all the benefits of standard advertising, while projecting an image of altruism, while demonstrating an interest in their community, while networking with a hundred non-competing companies, and all the while spending very little to do so.

Who We Are

Five Points Media was launched in 2014 in response to demand by the local community. Our crew had donated services to more than a dozen charities through our commercial video production company, 3B Solutions, but the demand continued to grow. Although it was not our intent, the exposure from consistently and repetitively donating community programming through our new social identify caused a phenomenal affect on the brand success of our commercial services, resulting in a tripling of interest and sales. Our reputation as ‘a company that cared about its community’ also opened doors to businesses that had previously been inaccessible, and it caused many local companies to reach out to us. Our testimonials speak volumes.

Soon our local clients were asking how they could benefit from sponsoring an event or being seen to support the community, and the idea for the City of Barrie Network was born. We now choose to work predominantly with businesses that support our community and philanthropists.

Our video programming is produced at the highest level of professionalism. All of our video equipment is specifically designed for professional production work, and we collectively bring to the table about 50 years of international experience in television news, documentaries, commercial programming, theatre work, and related areas of expertise. Our team is a mixture of sagacity and enthusiasm with the young learning from the experienced. Five Points Media holds a Five Star rating on Facebook, as does our commercial side at 3B Solutions. For four years, from 2014 - 2018, our commercial production company, 3B Solutions, has been voted by Barrie businesses to be the Best Videographers in Barrie.

Part Of Your Local Media

Five Points Media is now fully recognized as a local media company providing community programming to Barrie and area. We regularly interview officials at every level of government, and we are frequently invited directly to cover charity, community, government, and even school events. However, unlike other media companies in our area, Five Points Media is a not-profit-motivated social enterprise with a mandate to help charities and the community in any way possible using video. We also donate any profits made to local charities.

As such, we can offer a low-cost but high-reach alternative to standard media. We also maintain a low-overhead so that we do not suffer the fate of many local media providers. The sudden and unexpected loss of the Barrie Examiner last year is only one very real example. Since December of 2017, CTV has eliminated several key community features such as local sports, and we have also been hearing unconfirmed inside reports that more cuts are on the horizon. Community Access Channels provided by regional cable companies are also reducing their local programming as is evident from the cancellation of many popular shows and the recent dramatic reduction in production staff.

We do not support a future in which there is no local media. Nor do we want to subsist on feeds from central broadcasters. Not only is that scenario bad for local business, Barrie is a unique city that needs its own voice. We simply cannot allow ourselves to be absorbed into the media melting pot. The City of Barrie Network will give our community the voice it needs, and effective advertising options that work locally.

In addition to location-based programming, we are currently building a custom studio at our production facility that will be large enough to host talk shows, demonstration shows, and even political debates. We are also in the process of purchasing an online live video transmitter similar but more powerful than the one used by the local CTV affiliate. That will allow us to produce live shows and on-the-scene multi-camera broadcasts from any event anywhere. It also opens advertising and self-promotion options for businesses like restaurants who could use our new technology to produce entire shows focused on an issue shot in their kitchen.

The possibilities are truly unlimited.