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The City of Barrie Network

A Community Focused Network Built On Altruistic Advertising
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For more information, please view the more comprehensive video below.

This video contains a lot of information and is a bit longer than most online videos.
Is half an hour too much to invest in the future of your business?

If your image as an entrepreneur or that of your brand is important to your standing as a business in Barrie, you need to consider the affect that association with our locally-focused community and charity programming could have on your status within the community. You also need to contemplate how that association could give an advantage to your competition.

Throughout the past five years, our focus at Five Points Media has been our shared community and the charities that call Barrie home. We have so far donated in excess of 100 video projects to the citizenry of Barrie, and our average audience now for a social media boosted video is in excess of 5,000 mostly local viewers.

Our commitment to our community resulted in an unexpected tripling of business for our commercial division, 3B Solutions, and a Five Star rating on both Facebook and Google for both 3B Solutions and Five Points Media. Now we want to share our good fortune through a network of non-competing, local-only businesses in Barrie and Innisfil that will extend our reach and offer unprecedented options in locally-focused advertising.

Those who become members of the City of Barrie Network will enjoy all the advantages of standard advertising, while also generating a positive image of community involvement and philanthropy. They will also benefit from industry-specific exclusivity and the returns that come from the kind of customer loyalty that is generated exclusively by altruistic advertising.

If that does not entice you, Five Points Media is a not-profit-motivated social enterprise, so our advertising rates are by far the lowest in the region, and any profits generated by the City of Barrie Network will be donated to three local charities that will rotate each year. We are also currently offering free promotional videos valued at about $2,500.00 to the first 20 companies that take advantage of this amazing offer to advertise in a way that helps them, and the Barrie economy, and of course our local community.

There are no catches or hidden costs.
We are offering the power of altruistic advertising that will reach as many as 500,000 mostly local viewers per month for as little as one-tenth of half a cent per person reached.

  1. We currently have in place an established and growing audience of tens of thousands of mostly local people.
  2. On average, when boosted on social media, our videos are watched by more than 5000 mostly local viewers.
  3. Several of our social documentary videos have been watched by more than 30,000 Barrie area viewers.
  4. Each member business will enjoy industry-specific exclusivity, so they will stand out against their competition.
  5. Video is the most effective means of advertising, and interest in local video has increased 1,000% during the past year.
  6. Videos about local issues and stories are amongst the most watched on the Internet and generate millions of dollars in business.
  7. Local stories generate interest from regional consumers and help boost brand exposure for neighbourhood member businesses.
  8. Member businesses are viewed by our audience as active contributors to the community, which builds customer loyalty.
  9. Local member businesses are promoted as being compassionate enterprises that help those in need.
  10. Those of special needs and their families are known to shop at businesses that show support for their community.
  11. Current youth ‘Hipsters’ have been shown to base a lot of their shopping decisions on the perceived ethics of the business.
  12. Member businesses are seen to be actively building the city economy while helping those in need of community support.
  13. Our local-only network of member businesses and viewers will cross promote and boost business awareness and sales.
  14. Local charities benefit from our donated promotional services, and businesses benefit from being seen to help those causes.
  15. As a not-profit-motivated social-enterprise, we can offer the lowest cost per target audience rate of any local media.
  16. Any profits made by the City of Barrie Network will be donated to three local charities that will rotate yearly.