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Hypocrisy in Hazzard County - A story about political abuse of authority in Canada

The political exposé documentary ‘Hypocrisy in Hazzard County’ has been in hiatus for almost two years, and we were content with no longer asking the questions and revealing the evidence of how a local prominent politician appears to have abused his authority and that of the Barrie Police Services in order to help his friends evade civil liability for breach of contract. However, due solely to the actions of one of those exposed by our evidence, it appears very likely that the story will resurface later in 2017 as a documentary for both broadcast television and online distribution; just in time for the provincial election.

This is not of our doing, but we will run with it as the ongoing efforts of that person continue to work in our favour.

We had put the matter to rest; however, interest has been drawn to our story and the evidence we presented due to the fact that the above mentioned individual, a self-admitted rider of Welfare and lackey to local Conservative interests, has filed a plethora of frivolous and unsuccessful civil court actions against our Producer throughout the past three years in a transparent attempt to silence this story by means of bullying. All that tactic has accomplished is to raise the ire of our Producer and his supporters who will not kowtow to cowards making threats. It has also resulted in several thousand dollars worth of costs being levied against that court judged vexatious litigant that remain owed to our Producer.

To paraphrase The Bard, "The lackey doth protest too much, methinks."

Due solely to the actions of that individual, our claims are now more vindicated than ever. During the past three years several different Deputy Judges of the Small Claims Court have dismissed multiple claims of libel pertaining to this story while also taking punitive action against the claims by ordering that costs be paid by the lackey to our Producer. Also, one Superior Court Judge dismissed a motion by the lackey to extend time to appeal one of those judgements before ordering additional costs, once again in favour of our Producer. The lackey also interfered with not just one but two of our Producer's witnesses by serving them with frivolous lawsuits as a means of intimidation. One of those claims was abandoned by the lackey just days before the trial, and the other was withdrawn after the lackey learned that the witness was intent on proceeding with private information criminal charges against him, including some pertaining to hate crimes.

Such tactics of coercion are abusive, and they cross the line to being violations of the Criminal Code of Canada.
However, the Barrie Police Services continue to refuse to take action and many are interested as to why

Many people have their own vested interests in the upcoming provincial election, and some have taken notice regarding the near panic being shown through the many failed attempts to silence this story through unsupportable abuses of our civil courts, and the lacklustre response of the local police regarding what is clearly extortion. They have also noticed the absurdity of the overtly vicious and ludicrous attempts to defame our Producer; a man who spends 20 - 40+ hours every week helping those in need by producing documentaries and promotional videos for charities, not-for-profit groups, and benevolent organizations without asking anything in return.

Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive!

The lackey and those he serves also seem oblivious to the fact that our Producer is now in a considerably better position to continue production of the 'Hypocrisy in Hazzard County' documentary. Our following is growing exponentially both on this website and on Facebook, and the upcoming ‘Cycling for Community’ fundraiser for the Community Give and Get will put our production work on the national stage and nightly news broadcasts across at least four provinces.

The wise man knows when it is time to poke the bear, and when it is time to let the sleeping dog lie.