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Five Points Media is a provincially registered media company and community channel.
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The Ontario Community Awareness Network

(Formerly the City of Barrie Network)

A Community Focused Network Built On Altruistic Advertising
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For more information, please view the more comprehensive video at the bottom of this page.

If your image as an entrepreneur, or that of your brand, is important to your success as a local business owner, you need to consider the positive affect you will gain through association with our locally-focused community and charity video programming network.

Current business trends indicate that a majority of Canadians research the reputation of a business within their community before hiring them or making any significant purchase.

Throughout the past five years, the OCANetwork, also known as Five Points Media, has donated more than 250 videos that support the communities and charities of Barrie, Innisfil, and Oro-Medonte. During that time, our network grew from a grassroots voice, to now attracting tens of thousands of mostly local followers. The average audience in 2020 for one of our social media boosted videos was more than 5,000 mostly local viewers. We have also been credited with helping to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for various causes and charities, the benefits of which trickle down to our sponsors.

Our very public commitment to so many groups within our community resulted in an unexpected tripling of business for our commercial division, 3B Solutions, and we also saw a dramatic boost in traffic to our website. Then, when we chose to reach out to the local business community to share our success, those who took full advantage of sponsorship saw an almost immediate boost in business.

Dr. Kayte Armstrong, the creator of a brand-new clinic offering Osteopathic Treatment for people and pets, credited our advertising for allowing her to exceed her one-year expectations in just five months.
You can hear her story in the video below.

How Local Business Benefits

Business owners with the insight to sponsor the Ontario Community Awareness Network enjoy all the advantages of standard advertising, while also generating a positive image of community involvement and philanthropy. They also benefit from a kind of customer loyalty that is generated exclusively by altruistic advertising. In addition, we promote all sponsors in nine different ways every time we release a new video, which is about ten times a month. Our marketing includes boosts of sponsor websites that enhance search engine optimization and also multiple social media links that attract new customers.

the OCANetwork, also known as Five Points Media, offers a network that will soon total 100 diverse local businesses. Each is free to share our videos and sponsor advertising on social media. We spread the cost of productions across all sponsors, so our advertising rates are by far the lowest in the region. Each sponsor contributes only one percent of the costs, but enjoys one hundred percent of the benefits of being seen to be an active and supportive business owner who is offering goods and/or services within our community.

Videos produced by the OCANetwork, also known as Five Points Media, reach on average 5,000 mostly local consumers, and it costs only $25.00 per community video to be promoted in nine different ways. That equates to 0.5 or half a cent per viewer reached. When our sponsors share our programming, that number can increase by a factor of ten, or 50,000 views at .005 cents per view.

We have a committed following of more than 4,500 likes on Facebook alone, which is more than many regional radio stations, and a following of more than 40,000 mostly local people. In October of 2020, we reached nearly one million people, of which one in six engaged in our content. That is significantly higher than the average for social media interaction.

Reach of this caliber is now becoming common for our the OCANetwork, also known as Five Points Media, page.

Reach of this caliber is now becoming common for our the OCANetwork, also known as Five Points Media, page.

By comparison, the following rates are posted on www.wordstream.com

  1. The average cost of an advertisement on Google Ads is $2.32 per click on the search network.
  2. The average cost per action (CPA) in a Google advertising search campaign is $59.18.
  3. The most expensive keywords in Google advertising and Bing Ads cost $50 or more per click.
  4. The average small business using Google ads spends between $9,000 and $10,000 per month.
  5. The average cost per click of an online Facebook ad is $1.72.
  6. The average cost per action on Facebook Ads is $18.68.
  7. The typical CPM on Facebook Ads is around $10.00.

Free Promotional Videos

The videos are produced in lengths of 10, 30, and 60 seconds, with each one serving a specific purpose.

10 Second Teaser Video

  1. This short overview of the sponsor is shown before some of our community and charity videos.
  2. The sponsor provides a voice to which our crew will add visuals recorded on location.
  3. A voice artist can be provided, but the cost of their services is not included in this offer.
  4. Due to the short length, the sponsor is not seen in the ten-second video.
  5. This spot is intended to whet the appetite of the viewer who will click a link for more information.
  6. The sponsor’s content cannot exceed eight seconds when read at a comfortable speed.

30 Second Community Video

  1. This video is intended to show how the advertiser is an active part of the community.
  2. The sponsor provides a voice to which our crew will add visuals recorded on location.
  3. A voice artist can be provided, but the cost of their services is not included in this offer.
  4. The sponsor will be seen on camera for a few seconds before transitioning to b-roll.
  5. Content should reference to a charity or group that the sponsor supports or is involved with.
  6. This video is intended to build the bridge of community between the sponsor and consumer.
  7. The sponsor’s content cannot exceed 26 seconds when read at a comfortable speed.

60 Second Commercial Video

  1. This is a video commercial for your business and the vision and content can be negotiated.
  2. The sponsor provides a voice to which our crew will add visuals recorded on location.
  3. A voice artist can be provided, but the cost of their services is not included in this offer.
  4. The sponsor will be seen on camera for a few seconds before transitioning to b-roll.
  5. Content should reference the advantages and benefits of working with the sponsor.
  6. The sponsor’s content cannot exceed 56 seconds when read at a comfortable speed.

There are no catches or hidden costs.
We offer the power of altruistic advertising and a platform to reach as many as 500,000 mostly local viewers per month for as little as one-tenth of half a cent each.

If produced through our commercial division, the promotional videos, just like those shown here, would be valued at about $2,500.00. However, we are givign them to the first 50 companies that take advantage of this amazing offer to advertise in a way that helps them, and the local economy, and of course our local community and charities. The videos are formatted to show off various benefits of the business. The sponsor receives copies of each video to use as they wish.

Our Producer, John Ironside, is an internationally experienced news / documentary videographer and print journalist who started his career in the late 1980s. That sagacity combined with the youthful vision and energy of our crew of mostly Millennials results in energetic sales videos that are tempered by a level of production knowledge not available anywhere else in Barrie, Innisfil, or Oro-Medonte.

Our crew also uses only broadcast quality production equipment that is designed exclusively for use in professional video production. We use the same equipment for productions made in support of the OCANetwork, also known as Five Points Media, sponsors as we do for productions made through our corporate facility at 3B Solutions.

We post the 30 second and 60 second videos on our website under the banner of “Barrie’s Community Leaders”. We can follow traffic to those pages and show how our clients benefit from having those online video advertisements. Our clients also receive a copy of all of the videos, which they can share on their websites and social media. They are also welcome to link to the page we created for them. We also do not stamp our videos as made by Five Points Media. Our sponsors own the videos, including use of any licensed music or third-party video imagery.

So, we reach more people for less money while generating for you an image of community support.

We promote our sponsors nine different ways:

During the past five years we have customized and optimized our online advertising technology to attain the best results possible using social media and tags for search engine optimization. We have also streamlined our approach in such a way that most people would not think it possible to be given so much commercial advantage for such a small investment. The simple truth is our knowledge of media and technology saves you money by promoting sponsors in ways many may not know are available.

  1. When we post our videos on any platform, we include the logos of all sponsors in the end credits.
    • We credit all sponsors within the permanent edit of our videos.
    • As they are a physical component of the video, those credits are there forever.
    • We do not use a software overlay but create a permanent proof of your support.
    • We do this while playing a window of outtakes or extra materials that keeps viewers watching.
  2. We also post sponsor names in the rolling credits, ensuring two methods of reaching customers.
    • All features outlined in point 1. apply here also.
  3. When we post to social media, we tag all sponsor pages within the content of the written post.
    • We introduce all videos on Facebook and we boost them for wider coverage.
    • We will soon be adding them to other social media platforms as current restrictions lift.
  4. We add each video to our YouTube channel, on which we tag the websites of all sponsors.
    • We create inbound links that optimizes sponsor Search Engine Optimization.
    • This draws traffic to sponsor websites as the new algorithms of Google work on popularity.
    • The more inbound links to your website, the better it will show up on search engines.
    • We produce about ten videos a month, meaning ten inbound tags are generated in that time.
  5. We post all videos on our website at www.fivepointsmedia.ca
    • We generate a new page for each video we produce, and we tag all sponsors on it.
    • All features outlined in point 4. apply here also.
  6. We create for each sponsor a page on our website featuring their 30 and 60 second videos.
    • Our media website is scoured by the search engines as we regularly update all content.
    • As such, our content rates higher than is true of most commercial websites.
  7. Each sponsor receives a copy of their videos that they can use on their website and social media.
    • If produced by our commercial division, those three videos would be worth about $2500.00.
    • We can assist technically inhibited clients with how to post their videos.
  8. We post a 10 sec video at the beginning of all of our Ontario Community Awareness Network supported videos.
    • This is done on a rotating basis, except when a sponsor is directly associated with the video.
    • If a video is scheduled to air and one sponsor is most relevant to it, they will be shown priority.
    • We are currently posting three 30 second videos per week to promote our sponsors.
  9. Our team will record and produce a video about any issue or charity that is linked to a sponsor.
    • This offer is dependent upon us receiving sufficient notice of at least two weeks.
    • We will not bump pre-booked events but will prioritize the sponsor’s event.

Full details can be found in our the OCANetwork, also known as Five Points Media, Community Partners Offer

This video contains a lot of information and is a bit longer than most online videos.
Is half an hour too much to invest in the future of your business?

  1. We currently have in place an established and growing local audience of tens of thousands.
  2. When boosted on social media, our videos average more than 5,000 mostly local viewers.
  3. Several of our social commentary videos have been watched by more than 30,000 local viewers.
  4. Each member business will stand out against their competition as a community partner.
  5. Online video is by far the most effective means of advertising available in the current market.
  6. Interest in local video has increased 1,000% during the past year, mostly due to COVID-19.
  7. Videos about local issues and stories are amongst the most watched on the Internet.
  8. Local stories generate interest from regional consumers and help boost brand exposure.
  9. Our sponsors are promoted as being compassionate enterprises that help those in need.
  10. Special needs families are known to shop at businesses that show support for their community.
  11. Millennials base a lot of their shopping decisions on the perceived ethics of the business.
  12. Our sponsors are seen to be actively building the city economy while helping those in need.
  13. Our sponsorship network cross-promotes without cost and it boosts brand awareness and sales.
  14. Local charities benefit from our services, and sponsors benefit from being seen to help them.
  15. We offer our sponsors the lowest cost per target audience rate of any local media.
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