This message was repeated several times as a common theme1 The vigil and rally represented a cross section of our city2 Simple signs and messages spoke a bigger message3 The rally attracted people from many walks of life4 Hate has been proven to be the answer to nothing5 Yeah . . . we agree with this sentiment big time6 Members and allies of Pride were well represented7 The event was arranged by concerned residents, not the city8 This message was strongly supported9 Mayor Lehman advised residents to speak out, especially against online hate10 MPP Ann Hoggarth spoke to the need to educate the young11 Keenan Aylwin, one of the organizers, spoke to his personal understanding of white privilege12 Wayne Monague spoke of Indigenous customs and his history as a soldier13 Shelly Skinner, Vice Chair of Barrie Pride, spoke about being a person of colour in Barrie14 Aylan Couchie of the Nipissing First Nation advised others to read the 94 Calls to Action15 For some in attendance this was clearly a very emotional gathering16 Others saw it as a way to make a statement that would not be forgotten17 These were common people standing up against a very disturbing  issue18 At the end of the day they hopefully went home wiser and stronger19