Collaborate Nottawasaga is comprised of between 15 and 20 active agencies.1 Our job is to produce a video that relays what they do for the general public.2 As the name implies, collaboration and cooperation are the key to success.3 All local services are included as few cases are singular in their focus.4 Here Sharon, of the Krasman Centre, peer counselling, confers with Colette of My Sister’s Place women’s shelter.5 Here Violetta of Probation and Parole discusses details of a case with Kirsten of the OPP. 6 Brainstorming for ideas with a mixed group of professionals is a great way to attain a solution.7 Not everybody was eager to be on camera, but they all seemed to agree the video was a good idea.8 Our first stop in the field was The Well, located on Victoria St W. in Alliston.9 In addition to being a café, the staff are known for their caring and counselling services.10 Here we recorded a re-enacted therapy session.11 The open-hearted kindness of the staff and volunteers was very evident.12 Our main goal while visiting a location was to capture the heart and essence of the service provided.13 We then moved onto the Canadian Mental Health Association Alliston office.14 We want to help take away the stigma of mental illness enough that those in need would ask for help.15 Agency accreditation is vital when dealing with something as fragile as and potentially as volatile as mental health.16 This office is able to provide information on a wide range of services and treatments that are available to the public. 17 Our third port of call was the Krasman Centre, a private peer group treatment and drop in centre.18 While we were there several men and women popped in to see what was going on.19 Whenever possible we turned the ‘interview’ into a chat, with the results being a very relaxed mode of conversation.20 Participants are encouraged to express themselves through art, and there is a large area dedicated to arts and crafts.21 This shoot was like recording in somebody’s living room.22 Tom Chapman, the creator of the SY-STEM Links information system, was asked to attend to oversee the project.23 Tom is passionate about helping those in need of any kind of help and he donates a lot of his own time to the community. 24 The mission statement and philosophy of the various groups is important for the public to understand.25 Our final stop of the day was My Sister’s Place, a women and children’s shelter in Alliston.26 Those who are familiar with our work know our crew at Five Points Media are dedicated to the safety of women and children.27 This house offers not only safety for the women in need, but also comfortable home-like surroundings for all affected.28 As with the other locations, here we recorded a conversation with Colette Gallant.29 Tiffany Scott, Production Assistant, Tom Chapman, Patching the Past, and Producer John Ironside after a long but fulfilling day.30