Dining in the Dark by Barrie Visions Gala1 The Happy Mango provided us with a location for our shopping scene2 Nicole was not only 'blind' but also working in unfamiliar surroundings3 It is hard to hit the mark when you cannot see the target4 Nicole also had to contend with other obstacles5 Zeven is a puppy in training and Odin is Michelle's service partner6 As Nicole could not see, she had to test the burners for rising heat using her hands7 Simple tasks like opening a clipped bag became a challenge8 Tape was stategically placed as landing keys on the smooth microwave controls9 How do you set oven temperature when you cannot see the dial?10 How do you judge the height of the rack when you cannot touch the hot metal?11 Nicole seemed happy to remove the blindfold12 Her performance was spectacular and she was a trooper13