Many of the people helped by Goodwill Industries were new immigrants to Canada1 This project allowed our producer to work and bond with his son who he had lost to distance2 We kept the mood light as many of the client team had limited work experience3 Lights, camera, action in the most unexpected places4 We were working on a shoe-string budget so innovation was key to success5 It turned out our novel use of the available tools worked out better than expected6 We interviewed both staff and volunteers7 Once again, the lack of a budget did not interfere with our creativity8 To show the process, we followed a stuffed monkey down the path from donation to sale9 What young lady doesn't want to be on television?10 It was important to get the volunteer's perspective on the place they worked11 Charity or not, product shots sell the business12 Client liaison Tasha compensated for our host's lack of vertical enhancement13 We recruited staff, volunteers, customers, and whoever else was willing to help14