Even those with fur coats don't want to see people reduced to living on the streets1 Mason Ainsworth, City Councillor for the City of Orillia, spoke to our crew2 The Orillia Fire Dept. also stepped up to express their support for The Lighthouse3 Well, if anybody can pull 'Building Hope' out of his sack it has to be this guy4 We had university mascots walking the streets of Orillia along with City Councillors5 These people seemed determined to frame themselves for something6 Linda Bushell Goodall, Exec. Dir. of The Lighthouse, gave an impassioned speech7 Orillia Mayor, Steve Clarke, was clear in his goal to help end homelessness in his city8 Bill is a former resident of The Lighthouse who has now cleaned up his life9 People of every walk in life and every kind, sex, religion, race, etc. walked the walk10 Lights, camera, action in Orillia as our crew recorded the Coldest Night of the Year11 We recorded their journey as the snow fell and the wind whipped all of our faces raw12