Hopefest is a fundraising music festival held in Pefferlaw in support of Sick Kids Hospital1 In 2016 the main draw was Absolute Journey Tribute, with lead singer Riccardo Curzi2 We shot the show with a multi-camera setup as the end product would be a DVD for sale6 Bands ranged from up and coming to established and well-known7 All production was shot in full HD quality, worthy of production to Blu-ray8 We also shot behind the scenes events like this young lady donating her hair to cancer9 We pulled out all the stops, including a drummer camera that had to be small10 Interviews with sponsors and supporters established the love felt for this event11 Lead organizers Bob Walker and Joanne Pugh do whatever they can to help kids12 Music ranged from metal to country and folk, as played here by the Therapy Seekers13 The selflessness of this festival was worthy of a little reflection14 The weather that Labour Day weekend turned out better than could be dreamed15 We covered all the angles16 Like father like son17 These little ladies were '2 Cute 4 Country'18 Who said TV production was glamorous19 We think our producer pressed the wrong button20 The Sutton Festival of Lights is a night time parade21