Well known comedian, artist, and activist Andrea Murray was the MC1 Supporters included both women to men and of all ages2 Teresa MacLennan, Ex. Dir of the Women and Children's Shelter fired up the crowd3 Supporters defied the 80 km/h winds and biting cold4 Police Chief Kimberley Greenwood spoke of empowering women5 Mayor Jeff Lehman drew on lessons from his wife and he to their daughter6 Many of the supporters carried signs expressing their own issues7 City, Provincial, and Federal representatives all cheered at the raising of the flag8 The flag had no problems fluttering in the strong winds9 We joined supporters as they marched down Mulcaster10 Then they walked through downtown along Dunlop11 Women and girls ranged in age from three to 93 but the unity was strong12 Supporters came from all ages, races, and lifestyles13 Amnesty International had a strong presence at the event14 The Barrie Police were looking good for their boss, who was on the walk15 Many who returned to City Hall did so with an air of accomplishment16 After the march supporters congregated in City Hall's rotunda17 Chief Greenwood chatting with Lisa Spinks Smith of the Women and Children's Shelter18 Supporters mounted their signs as the next generation of women watched19 Many groups had information stations20 There was no shortage of information21 Equality is not an expectation, it is a right22 Some chose to research23 The 'Pussy' hat of the anti-Trump protests were prominent24 Contacts were made and friendships fostered25 Truth and humour were merged here to make a valid point26 The collection of signs when posted added up to some serious wall space27 At the centre of it all is the fight to ensure that women are safe28 content2929 International Women's Day, March 8, 201730