We first recorded the Patchless Ride for Autism in 20151 That ended with a wild ride across the county with our new friend 'Bear'2 Then in July of 2016 we recorded their massive fundraising garage sale3 The event offered a bit of everything with all money going to Autism Ontario4 The 2016 Patchless Ride was a bigger event than in 20155 This trike, valued at more than $30,000.00, was the grand prize6 The beneficiary, Autism Ontario, provided information about the condition7 Breakfast was provided to all ticket holders and participants8 The ride attracts bikes and bikers of every kind9 Money was raised via an entrance fee and sponsorship10 Civilian clubs are welcome11 Sometimes attitude is everything12 The ride is for the young and the young at heart13 Bikes roll in by the hundreds14 All lined up and ready to go15 Clearly some of these bikes represent considerable investment in time and money16 Despite bad weather the crowd thickened17 The ladies made up a good part of the group, and not all on the back seats18 This is the trike from which our producer shot the 2016 ride19 The crowd ranged from badasses to soccer moms20