Frank's biggest mission has been the Glowing Hearts Community Give and Get1 A volunteer driven community oriented centre2 Where all items are donated and free to take as needed3 Including clothing, toys, and even some electrical appliances4 Provided in an environment where everybody is welcome5 All services are for women, men, and children6 Where nobody leaves empty-handed7 For this Frank has raised funds in any way possible8 On a larger scale, Frank came up with a plan which we promoted9 Frank wants to ride an e-bike across Canada, and we are going with him10 To do this Frank has been training11 He has been strengthening his core12 Building his endurance13 Developing his upper body strength14 Ramping up the power of his legs15 All under the careful guidance of Joel Seymour, a Professional Trainer at YMCA Innisfil16 Frank released the details of his plan at Georgian College17 During a speech to social services students and faculty18 Several journalists were also present, some of whom ran with the story19 We recorded Frank's speech in its entirety, and posted it for all to see20