On any given morning you will see this woman and her car at the bus station1 She will be waiting for the county jail release transfer van from Penetanguishene2 Kelly Scaglione has a mission to help released inmates by giving them a fresh start3 She calls her cause 'Restoring Dignity and Hope' which she runs and supports alone4 She provides all manner of assistance including the contacts these people will need5 She packages and provides toiletries to assist in maintaining the person's dignity6 She also provides, from her own pocket, seasonal clothing to those who need it7 Those arrested in summer are often released in winter wearing shorts and t-shirts8 Kelly Scaglione provides trousers, hoodies, socks, hats, and even winter coats9 She takes the time to listen to where these people are going and how they will get there10 Those with nowhere local to go can count on guidance or even a ticket home to family11 Kelly has bought scores of tickets for released inmates with no way to get home12 Kelly's support system helps to prevent these people reoffending just to survive13 Kelly provides generic bags to transfer their personal property from obvious prison bags14 Those released in off-season attire can count on a jacket, hat, pants, or all of them15 This family was reunited in February, on Family Day16 This man's jeans were ripped and filthy so Kelly provided him with a warm option17 This warm vest will go a long way to augmenting his autumn weight jacket18 Kelly counts on donations and help from retailers, but much is paid for directly by her19 This young man had nowhere to go and nobody to call, so he was thankful for the help20