Our crew worked in multiple locations including classrooms, mock hospital rooms, a senior's home, and the great outdoors.1 Most people know of St. John Ambulance for their First Aid services2 Those services are utilised at many public events, so the association is understandable3 What most people don’t know is that these certified medical first responders are volunteers4 Many public events could not be run without the tireless services of these dedicated teams5 St. John Ambulance also runs youth programs6 Here, youth are taught to work as units of a team to save lives7 Meanwhile, the skills they learn are potentially lifesaving for those who suffer injury or medical crisis8 The training starts with the very young, who then advance with time to deeper training9 St. John Ambulance also runs programs teaching young mothers life saving techniques for their babies10 This program is run in conjunction with the neonatal wing of Royal Victoria Hospital11 St. John Ambulance also offers car seat installation clinics for new parents12 Through that program highly skilled and trained technicians ensure the car seat will protect the baby in a collision13 Some volunteers work for cuddles and cookies14 These are the trained and tested therapy dogs of St. John Ambulance15 When partnered with a trained and certified handler . . . 16 . . .  these dogs provide therapeutic services to seniors in rest homes17 The also provide a calming influence for children through the Paws for Stories program18 When tragedy strikes, St. John Ambulance is quick to answer the call19 Many of their Medical First Responders are qualified to assist in natural disasters20 Here, volunteers are being given the Hollywood touch for our simulation . . .21 . . . to coordinate emergency first aid, evacuations, search and rescue, and other services22 . . . to coordinate emergency first aid, evacuations, search and rescue, and other services23 Again, these dedicated and qualified people are all volunteers24 St. John Ambulance Barrie Simcoe Muskoka consists of about 200 volunteers who contribute more than 22,000 hours of service each year25