Ashleigh Beacham with her family, team, supporters, and Make A Wish benefactors1 Ashleigh after the swim with our producer John2 This was the boat that would be home to the team for two days3 Ashleigh entered the water in the dead of the night to maximize on the day to come4 An almost full moon provided some light to show the way5 Often all that could be seen was the flashing orange beacon on Ashleigh's swim cap6 The dawn brought the opportunity to add pace swimmers for motivation7 No longer alone, Ashleigh pushed on into the daylight8 From the catamaran the crew and supporters motivated the 15-year-old to continue9 We shot most of our footage from a small inflatable zodiac like this one10 Pain management became an issue but Ashleigh pressed forward11 As we approached Toronto harbour the doctor and Ashleigh's father stayed close12 The water conditions were ideal for the crossing attempt13 You can see the crew's pride as Ashleigh approached the harbour wall at Toronto14 This was the moment we had all waited a day and a half to see - victory for Ashleigh15 The sudden end of activity resulted in considerable loss of body heat16 The media storm was considerable, but we were the only ones who made the journey17 Ashleigh answered their questions, but all she wanted now were a few Big Macs18 Our pictures, taken during the voyage, appeared on newspapers across the province19 It was our honour to be there to record the heroics of this brave young woman20