Five Points Media is a not-profit-motivated social enterprise run by 3B Solutions1 Our 30 years of international experience includes credits in hundreds of productions2 We also produce live events of various kinds such as this series about astronomy3 We also work with artists of various kinds4 Our experience also includes medical instructional and promotional videos5 Sporting events hone our shooting skills as following the ball or puck is not easy6 Dramatic productions, like this book teaser, have been seen by tens of thousands7 Industrial videos enable a company to show what clients seldom see8 During an election our skills are sought out by various candidates9 Sometimes shooting is for the dogs10 Sometimes you just have to grin and bear it . . . hey Boo Boo11 We have all of the latest technology, such as this SteadiCam image stabilizer system12 We have the most advanced production equipment north of Toronto13 We also have all of the toys for shooting on location and creating effects14 We even have the ability to provide pyrotechnics when needed15 Our Producer, John, has a long history of helping others in various ways16 Including those with four legs and a desire to help17 John's 30 years of experience includes international news and documentaries18 This includes work with groups like Sea Action and Greenpeace in Europe19 News assignments included the war-torn Balkans and the Middle East20 Including some very dangerous assignments in places most people would avoid20