Teresa MacLennan, Exec. Dir., and Lisa Spinks-Smith, the Dev. Mgr., with our producer John1 Imelda Marcos eat your heart out2 Sometimes our job is a drag3 You can talk the talk, or you can walk the walk4 We meet all of the most interesting people5 Lynda Muir, former, Exec. Dir., and Lisa Spinks-Smith, the Dev. Mgr.6 Mayor Jeff Lehman of Barrie . . . nice shoes7 We did the rounds of all of the big sponsors8 Shannon had her own tragic story to share9 Dino Melchior, Broker, Royal LePage First Contact Realty is a big sponsor10 We didn't mind helping him with his own promotion11 Our producer seemed to be getting a bit too much into it12 This staged picture made the front page of The Examiner13 That box contains some of the thousands of pairs of shoes used14 Rain or not the show went on15 The men have some big shoes to fill in this event16 This guy is a judo master. Go ahead, make fun of his tutu.17 They are more like a wave than a walk18 Rain or shine, these men were showing their support for all women19 Young men and old showed their support for mom, sister, aunts, . . . 20 Just in case, it is a good idea to bring a spare21 The boys in blue showed their support too22 They may not be heels, but at least our shoes were the right colour23 Some of these supporters are just super24 Keeping the footwear dry proved to be a challenge.25 Dale and Charlie from 107.5 Kool FM kept the crowd motivated despite the rain26 Why are we reminded of Monty Python?27 Those are two online dating profiles our producer does not want to see.28 The crowd is doing something really funny here . . . honest.29 Come on. You have all seen Ted. John was just wishing really hard.30