Lori Graystone is the owner and head instructor at Rock n Pole fitness1 The program consists of stretching and arobics before learning technique2 These participants learn to use the pole for limbering up3 The program is promoted primarily as a physical fitness class4 Flexibility is essential as are strength and balance5 Few 'gym rats' can do this6 These exercises are no different than those of yoga7 The classroom atmosphere is similar to that of a regular gym8 Except here the sense of accomplishment is obvious9 As is the feeling of commorodity and support10 How is this different than using the rings in gymnastics?11 Strength and balance are developed using a variety of exercises12 Despite the effort the mood is fun13 If you doubt the athletics, try this for core strength14 Cardio vascular fitness is a big part of the program15 Before grace comes strength and practice16 The program can be downright exhausting17 Just hanging around having a chat18 Pole fitness is not only for women19 The human flag requires amazing core strength20 The London Abused Women’s Centre would not speak with us on camera21 Lori and her class were open and invited us to visit three times22 Sometimes our producer's job is the envy of many23 The Women and Children’s Shelter of Barrie welcomed Rock N Pole as a sponsor24 In fact, pole fitness was featured heavily in their promotions25