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We live and work in Barrie, and we support our community

We offer a non-judgemental voice to anyone with a social message

Five Points Media is a community-focused social enterprise broadcast-quality on-line media service that offers a non-judgemental voice to those who are all too often ignored by mainstream news services. In addition to producing thought provoking social documentaries, we provide production crew and equipment free of charge for public events, and at-cost production services to selected charities and not-for-profit groups. We also offer dramatically reduced rates to vetted benevolent organizations and social enterprises that charge for their services or which receive government funding. Please see our "About Us" page for more details.

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Five Points Media is registered with the province of Ontario as a media producer. We have various writers and contributors who work together to provide a fully rounded vision of events in the city of Barrie, and nearby communities. Our mission is to tell the stories that don't make it past the assignment editors of mainstream media, as their agenda is to entertain the audience while ours is to research and report on current social crisis, while offering insight into who in our community is effectively helping to end or lessen the issue.

The anchor on the evening news in Barrie says it best when she signs off with the catchphrase
"That's our show for tonight."

Why and how do we help the community?

We are a social enterprise, so profit is not our focus. Our goal is to help improve the lives of those who share our community, and to provide a voice to those who are forced into silence. For more than five years we have donated our services to a wide range of benevolent groups and charities. Some are household names while others have quietly tended to the needs of a small sector of our community with neither fanfare nor recognition.

We are a division of 3B Solutions