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Education rollback puts Ontario children at risk

If you have children, grandchildren, or you just care about the state of our system of education, you need to watch and share this video.

As most know, the new Progressive Conservative provincial government has dictated a politically motivated decision to withdraw the current health and sex education curriculum in favour of one that was written in 1998. This action was promised by Premier Doug Ford during the campaign as a transparent capitulation to the demands of a very few hardcore social conservatives who supported his pitch for the leadership of the party.

We try to stay out of politics, but we believe this decision is antithetical to the best interests of our children, of any student, and of our society in general. According to the many experts and concerned citizens who we interviewed, the rollback syllabus is so out of date as to actually endanger the health, safety, and very lives of the children it is meant to educate.

When we learned about the Rally for Sex Ed - Barrie being held in Barrie on Friday, July 20, 2018, we offered to record the thoughts and concerns of the professional educators, students, parents, and other experts who were scheduled to speak. Organizer Brandon Rhéal Amyot welcomed our crew's involvement.

We publicly invited supporters of the rollback, including new PC MPPs Andrea Khanjin and Doug Downey, to speak with us on camera, but only those in support of the modern and more relevant curriculum chose to attend.

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