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A Slumlord Is Exposed For Defrauding ODSP After A Disabled Man Dies In a Frozen Trailer. Conservative MPP, Andrea Khanjin Refuses To Take Action

Jason Marche, known to his friends as Bear, was found dead in a frozen trailer that had no insulation, minimal heating, no running water, no cooking facilities, and frozen sewage. Regardless, Conservative MPP Andrea Khanjin refuses to act against the slumlord, Jason Hejja, who clearly defrauded ODSP - These are the facts:

Slumlord Threatens To Sue for Defamation Through Obvious SLAPP Civil Action, 2022

On Tuesday, April 12th, we were served with notice of a threatened lawsuit, and we couldn't be happier. When a person becomes so desperate as to hire lawyers to try to bully journalists into silence, we know we are doing our job. Instead of scaring us, it fuels our fire and motivates us to keep going and dig further into the truth of the story. From what we can see, this is not a legitimate threat of a lawsuit pertaining to defamation, as all we have ever said about the matter and the slumlord has been backed fully with evidence. This smells more like the threat of a SLAPP action intended solely to suppress the truth.

This is our response:

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Are Local MPPs Using the Death of a Disabled Man for Political Gains?

Finally, late in the afternoon of Monday, March 21, 2022, an anonymous member of Andrea Khanjin’s staff sent to us a reply to our request for information regarding the transparent crime of fraud that has been committed against the taxpayers of Ontario by Jason Hejja. He is the slumlord who owns or operates the house at 306 Innisfil St. in Barrie where our friend Jason (Bear) Marche was found dead on February 26th in an illegal, uninsulated, poorly heated trailer that had no working plumbing, no cooking facilities, and no access to sewage. The slumlord was charging ODSP $700.00 a month for that deathtrap. The response, that was unsigned, could have been just as easily communicated in two words starting and ending with “F”.

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Social Media Post Eliminates Any Chance For Denial By Conservative MPP Andrea Khanjin, 2022

Andrea Khanjin, the Conservative MPP for Barrie-Innisfil who is seeking re-election this year, has refused to reply in any way to our calls for an investigation into the fraud committed by the slumlord, Jason Hejja, who rented to our friend Jason (Bear) Marche an uninsulated and poorly heated deathtrap of a trailer that he was found dead in on February 26th, 2022.

So, we took the issue directly to her via social media by posting on her public Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/AndreaKhanjinMPP. I have every expectation it will be deleted, which will prove my point quite adequately.

John Ironside, Producer / Publisher OCAN

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Local Politicians and Media Evade Facts to Protect Slumlords After Man Dies in Frozen Trailer, 2022

On February 26th, 2022, a likable Barrie man and father, Jason (Bear) Marche, was found dead in an uninsulated and poorly heated trailer in the backyard of 306 Innisfil St. Bear was not homeless. ODSP had paid the slumlord $700.00 of taxpayer money every month to rent what he claimed was a legal dwelling but was in truth little more than a freezing cold metal box without running water, cooking, or working sewage facilities. So far, no other media outlet in Simcoe County has told the truth of this story, and Conservative politicians are refusing to act regarding transparent crimes. The reason is becoming obvious.

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Justice for Bear Petition Promo, 2022

#justiceforbear - https://www.change.org/justiceforbear

Most of us feel powerless to change the world we live in, but this is one of those times when our collective voice can be heard. Those who follow our page will know the story of Jason (Bear) Marche, a Barrie man and father who on February 26th, 2022, was found dead in an uninsulated and illegal trailer he rented from a slumlord named Jason Hejja. Our stories can be found at:

https://www.fivepointsmedia.ca/housing-landlord-abuse-bear01.html - published February 27, 2022, and

https://www.fivepointsmedia.ca/housing-landlord-abuse-bear02.html - published March 2, 2022

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Slumlord Blocks Family from Recovering Property of Tenant Found Dead in a Trailer During Winter, 2022

This is the deepening story of negligence and fraud committed by a Barrie slumlord against a disabled man. On February 26th, 2022, Jay Marche, known to his friends as Bear, was found dead within a poorly heated and uninsulated camping trailer that was rented to him during sub-zero temperatures for the cost of $700.00 per month, paid for by the Ontario Disability Support Program. The original story, viewed by more than 50,000 mostly local people, can be found at https://www.fivepointsmedia.ca/landlord-abuse-bear01.html and on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/ocanetwork.ca/posts/3123613381214935.

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A Slumlord’s Abuses Are Exposed When a Tenant is Found Dead in a Trailer During Winter

Yesterday, a man named Jason, who went by the name of ‘Bear’, who was known well to our production team, died of as yet unknown causes in the backyard of 306 Innisfil St. That is the house directly next door to our studio.

That is where the mobile summer camper trailer was parked in which this human being endured -30-degree temperatures with nothing more than a blanket for protection. No, this man was not homeless. Bear and public money through Disability paid an absentee and negligent landlord more in rent per month than is true of what some people pay for an apartment.

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