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Coming in November from Five Points Media

The people of The City of Barrie are truly caring and philanthropic.

One way they show just how much they care about their community and those who live in it is by watching, liking, and sharing our stories that are all about them and those in our city who have no voice through mainstream media!

We have received quite a few requests recently for information about what is coming down the production pike at Five Points Media. So, Producer, John Ironside and Production Associate Tiffany Scott stepped out from behind the camera to provide some details.

Our following and local reach are growing at a surprising rate, and fortunately for the community, more businesses are starting to realise the power of using locally focused altruistic advertising to promote their business while also supporting their community.

During the month of November, we are expecting to finish a number of projects we shot in the summer; at a time when posting them made no sense due to the low number of people online during that season.

One of those projects is about Hope City Church, Barrie, where Pastor Kevin Mast and his flock work with the homeless, addicts, alcoholics, former criminals, and others who are trying to rebuild their lives, save their families, and recover their children. It is a powerful story about a group of faithful Christians who work very hard to help those in the greatest of need.

We are also producing a detailed report on our local Jewish Community, as inspired by the community service headed by the Am Shalom Congregation shortly after the murder of 11 innocent people of Jewish Faith in Pittsburgh. Our crew went one step further than most media and attended at Am Shalom the following Saturday where we recorded some of the services.

Another project is two-fold. We are now editing a long-shelved production about the group Helping Hamilton Homeless HHH, which will then be followed by another more local story about the amazing work of the Friends of the Homeless Living in Barrie.

If that is not enough, we are also cutting the story of Unstoppable TRACY Unstoppable You Tracy Schmitt, a woman born without or with only partially grown limbs, but who climbs mountains, skydives, and pilots a sailboat single-handed in competitions. We interviewed Tracy and recorded her presentation during the summer. Her story will both inspire and amaze.

Finally, we have the story of how local bands united behind a Barrie sound engineer after he was seriously hurt in a car accident, and also how Catulpa Community Support Services helps families to find ways to improve their lives through better living and eating.

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