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Cycling For Community

Through this short video, produced by Five Points Media, Frank Nelson explains his plan to cross Canada on an e-bike to raise funds to open several Community Give and Get centres across our country.

An e-bike is a small electrically-powered scooter like bike that must be peddled to start. To some the idea might not seem as challenging as say walking or pushing a shopping cart across the country, but as brave and as strong as those funding and awareness oriented athletes are or were in their campaigns, they were not 60 years old men, nor were they suffering from the affects of fighting stage four cancer. Not only has Frank Nelson suffered through painful surgery to prepare himself for this journey, he will also have to undergo anti-cancer chemotherapy while on route twice or more, depending on the amount of time needed to cross the country.

The e-bike may have a small electric motor, but it is small, uncomfortable to ride over long distances, and it is far from stable.

Frank is undergoing physical training to improve both his strength and his stamina, as both will be tested repeatedly as he rides for four to six hours every day. He will also need special provisions for his medical concerns, and the right food to maintain his physical and mental agility. One of the most likely concerns is that Frank will fatigue and lose control in heat, rain, or winds. He also needs a crew to accompany him, and vehicles and provisions with which to make the journey.

If you want some perspective, sit on the arm of a couch or on an exercise bike and watch any of the 'Lord of the Rings' movies, then watch the next one. Then imagine your grandfather doing it.

It is currently planned that our crew will be travelling with Frank across the country, acting as both part of the support team and as documentary producers / photographers. Along the way we will be producing one to two minute long videos each day that document Frank's journey for those who are following from home. Currently the plan is to leave from Charlottetown on or about June 15, 2017 but much is dependent upon Frank's state of health.

Our goal will not be to film Frank riding, but to record meetings and his interaction with those who could benefit from a Give and Get centre in their town or city.

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