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Collaborate Nottawasaga

- An ongoing community project
Pictures by Tiffany Scott

This project is currently being produced under the guidance of the Nottawasaga Detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police

The Collaborate Nottawasaga Crisis Table is exactly what its name implies. It is a very large board room table at the Nottawasaga OPP station where professionals from just about every local service, from addiction counselling to the fire department, come together once a week to discuss issues pertaining to local residents and newcomers to the area. Through collaboration these agencies can better serve those in need as they eliminate the pinball effect of bouncing the person in need of help from one agency to another. They also detach the person from some of the decision making process regarding the treatment or services they need. One referral by any of the agencies involved initiates conversation by these professionals who then decide collaboratively the best course of action to help the subject attain the help they need.

Many referrals originate with the OPP; however, all attending groups are welcome to bring a case to the group.

The idea for an informative video for the community about the Crisis Table was the brainchild of OPP Constable Kirsten Buligan, who sits at the table. She was in discussion with her counterpart in Orillia, who is part of the SY-STEM Links online and kiosk information hub we are helping to develop.

SY-STEM Links Introductory Video and SY-STEM Links Promo Video

Then Constable Buligan learned about the videos we had produced for that similar concept; although its focus is Homelessness. That concept, according to Constable Buligan, was exactly what they wanted for the Collaborate Nottawasaga Crisis Table video. This project is funded, however the Social Enterprise design of Five Points Media, and our open policy of working with charities and other not-for-profit groups to help the community were also apparently very appealing.

We expect the shooting schedule to be completed within the month, and post production to be completed by the end of summer.