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Five Points Media is a community-focused social enterprise broadcast-quality on-line media service that offers a non-judgmental social voice to those who are all too often ignored by mainstream news services.


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Helping the Homeless, one sandwich at a time - The Grilled Cheese Social Eatery

Randy Aylwin, the owner of the Grilled Cheese Social Eatery, helps to feed the homeless by providing about 2,000 sandwiches a year to those in severe need. He accomplishes this by offering his patrons the opportunity to buy discounted sandwiches and coffee, that are then put into a suspension program, for distribution to the homeless and needy.

We thought his story was very deserving of public support

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Test Drive of Frank's New Ride

On Wednesday, May 10, 2017 our crew met with Frank Nelson, the creator of the Community Give and Get centre, to record him test driving an recumbent ebike at Ebike Universe in Toronto. We could not have asked for a nicer day, or better cooperation from the business. Frank is a 60-year-old former businessman who is currently undergoing treatment for stage four colon cancer. Despite his terminal diagnosis, Frank is planning a long journey on that bike, starting in Charlottetown and ending in Barrie; taking the long route around Ontario. His goal is to raise enough money to open Community Give and Get centres in various cities across Ontario, just like the one he and his team have opened in Barrie.

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SY-STEM Links Promo Video

The project was originally entitled 'STEM Interface' - View the SY-STEM Links Introductory Video
View the SY-STEM Links Introductory Video

Homelessness is a growing problem that will not be resolved by people blaming the afflicted for their suffering. SY-STEM Links is a web and kiosk based information system intended to help those suffering through both episodic and chronic homelessness. The original concept came from Tom Chapman of the CMHA and Patching the Past who has worked with homeless persons for many years. He needed a system that could reach everybody suffering through both episodic and chronic homelessness, and our skills in video production and responsive website design were what was needed to accomplish that goal. Many homeless people sustain a cell phone for personal communications and job searching, so our system will be completely mobile accessible.

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Each year since 2015 Sharon Smith, the owner and Master Stylist at Connect Hair Studio, has organized and run a fund-raiser called Women's Connection in support of a local charity. In 2016 we worked with the team at Connect Hair Studio to support the Women and Children's Shelter of Barrie, and this year our crew from Five Points Media will be there to help Sharon and her stylists support Youth Haven.

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Community Give and Get - Social Return on Investment

Do you know how much Social Return on Investment is generated by your donations? It is important to understand the Social Return on Investment provided by the charities we all support. In this short video, Frank Nelson, a thirty year veteran of the business world in Canada, explains how much good is done for the community in general by the donations being given to the Glowing Hearts Community Give and Get.

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Community Give and Get Update

During the first six weeks their volunteer staff helped more than 1,000 people and the gave away more than 9,000 donated items to those in need. Frank Nelson, the creator of the Community Give and Get, wanted to tell his supporters of the success, and our crew at Five Points Media were happy to help him do so.

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Home Sweet Home Charity Fundraiser Promo

In this comedic rant video, Barrie comedian Andrea Murray looked a little out of her element as she tried to figure out what gadget did what in the tool belt that was almost as big as she was, while wearing workman’s coveralls that were so much more stylish and form-fitting than her usual flair.

Andrea met our Five Points Media crew at Tangle Creek Golf and Country Club on Saturday, March 25th to shoot a short video in support of the Home Sweet Home fund-raiser that is being held on March 29, 2017 at that location.

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International Women's Day, Barrie 2017

The 80 km/h winds made for some interesting challenges, but if you missed the International Women’s Day event but wanted to go, here is your chance to catch some of the highlights. International Women’s Day is celebrated every year on March 8, at which time women and men come together to celebrate the power, the spirit, and the many accomplishments of women and girls around the world. In Barrie in 2017 the festive meeting was led by the Women and Children’s Shelter of Barrie. Our production crew has a long history of working to assist the Women and Children’s Shelter of Barrie and as such we were more than happy to record the event for them.

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Coldest Night of the Year, Orillia, 2017

Although February 25, 2017 was not in reality the 'Coldest Night of the Year', the thermometer did drop quite a few degrees in recognition of the event and snow and wind picked up considerably for the occasion. Our crew were in Orillia recording on behalf of our friends at The Lighthouse Soup Kitchen and Shelter, shooting a crowd of more than 500 participants. Our role was to record the event and cut from it a short video featuring the high-points of the 'Coldest Night of the Year' 2017 event.

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Restoring Dignity and Hope - The story of Kelly Scaglione

Kelly Scaglione is a woman of incredible heart and compassion. Every day, often seven days a week, downtown residents of Barrie Ontario see her in her white SUV waiting outside the bus station; however, she is not there for work or to meet a loved one. Kelly Scaglione is there to meet a van coming in from the local jail that is loaded with released prisoners she does not know but wants to help. The prisoner transport is coming from the Central North Correctional Centre located in Penetanguishene in Central Ontario. When they are released Kelly will meet them and offer them seasonal clothing, Tim’s cards, toiletries, and other necessities to maintain them while they get back on their feet and reoriented to the world some of them left years ago. Kelly calls her cause, Restoring Dignity and Hope.

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