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Social Media Post Eliminates Any Chance For Denial By Conservative MPP Andrea Khanjin, 2022

Andrea Khanjin, the Conservative MPP for Barrie-Innisfil who is seeking re-election this year, has refused to reply in any way to our calls for an investigation into the fraud committed by the slumlord, Jason Hejja, who rented to our friend Jason (Bear) Marche an uninsulated and poorly heated deathtrap of a trailer that he was found dead in on February 26th, 2022.

So, we took the issue directly to her via social media by posting on her public Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/AndreaKhanjinMPP. I have every expectation it will be deleted, which will prove my point quite adequately.

John Ironside, Producer / Publisher OCAN

I have every expectation that this post will be deleted. Do as you must. I have already copied it for reposting elsewhere.

Andrea Khanjin, you say: "I am so proud to serve this community." Can you please show this is the case when it comes to the poor and the disabled, whose plight you are deliberately ignoring in an obvious way?

I have written directly to your office and carbon copied you on various emails to the Ministry of Children, Community & Social Services. My issue has been a request for an investigation that would, under Section 380 of the Criminal Code of Canada, result in criminal charges being laid against Jason Hejja, the slumlord who owns or represents 306 Innisfil St. It is in the backyard of that house that your constituent, Jason (Bear) Marche, a man under the protection of the Ontario Disability Support Program, was found dead in a frozen trailer on February 26, 2022.

There is little doubt to those that take the time to review the evidence that Hejja financially defrauded the ODSP, and as such the taxpayers of Ontario, by accepting by direct deposit $700.00 a month for the rent of an "apartment" that did not exist. In truth, Hejja was providing to a disabled man an uninsulated and poorly heated trailer with no working plumbing, cooking facilities, or sewage.

So, why would the current government not be eager to recover the money paid for this deathtrap and charge the slumlord with fraud? Could it be the owners are supporters of your campaign and you simply don’t want to bite the hand that feeds you? Why else would you be trying to bury this story? Or, could it be that by running with this story we are opening up a world of trouble for local slumlords, all too many of them, who cheat the taxpayers of Ontario while at the same time abusing those who suffer at the lowest economic levels of our society?

We are not asking for special consideration, just equality.

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If you haven't done so, please sign our petition seeking the prosecution of Bear's slumlord at https://www.change.org/justiceforbear

Social Media Post Eliminates Any Chance For Denial By Conservative MPP Andrea Khanjin, 2022

Social Media Post Eliminates Any Chance For Denial By Conservative MPP Andrea Khanjin, 2022

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