Restoring Dignity and Hope - The story of Kelly Scaglione

Our crew at Five Points Media are happy to help spread the word of Kelly's work through this video that tells her story.

Kelly Scaglione is a woman of incredible heart and compassion. Every day, often seven days a week, downtown residents of Barrie Ontario see her in her white SUV waiting outside the bus station; however, she is not there for work or to meet a loved one.

Kelly Scaglione is there to meet a van coming in from the local jail that is loaded with released prisoners she does not know but wants to help

The prisoner transport is coming from the Central North Correctional Centre located in Penetanguishene in Central Ontario. When they are released Kelly will meet them and offer them seasonal clothing, Tim’s cards, toiletries, and other necessities to maintain them while they get back on their feet and reoriented to the world some of them left years ago.

Kelly calls her cause, Restoring Dignity and Hope