Verico the Mortgage Station, Loan Sharks In Lefroy

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Thank You Loan Sharks of Lefroy and those who aid, abet, and enable them to defraud seniors.

We know this is a weird thing to say, but today our Producer had a Zoom meeting with a Producer and financier of social documentaries, and if our lawyer says it is good, then we have more than enough money available to produce our ongoing documentary about loan sharking at Verico the Mortgage Station. We will also be addressing how Verico Financial Group turned a blind eye, how HomeEquity Bank showed no concern for the financial security of their often vulnerable senior clients, and how the South Simcoe Police Service have been going out of their way to just ignore the facts and evidence in this case while becoming increasingly creative in how to justify the obvious crimes committed. Our new best friend was impressed with how fast the story has developed, and what we have kept back for now about a few things local residents and the population at large should find very interesting.

The written content of the video

Journalists know it is uncommon for a big story to just happen, and that scoops are rare. Usually, a small story builds over time as more is discovered, new connections are established, and other parties become involved.

That is exactly what has happened with our documentary, as a local story about loan sharking by brokers at Verico the Mortgage Station is now growing into an intriguing series of interconnected reports about widespread fraud and corruption.

One voice has become many, as people from across the country provide details of their experience working with various brokerages, and with the sellers of the CHIP Reverse Mortgage that targets potentially vulnerable seniors, while quite obviously providing minimal if any protection for them.

Our cameras are still focused on the mortgage industry, and the brokers of Verico the Mortgage Station, but now we also have a series of reports showing how the wealthy perpetrators motivate those who are sworn to serve and protect in order to get away with fraud and loan sharking against seniors and veterans.

We would like to thank all of those who continue to hide from their actions and our exposure, as well as those who are covering for them, as you are the reason we have been granted the ability to solicit support for this documentary so we can tell your story to so many people across our country.

It is all of you who have made this happen, and we appreciate your decision to show through your actions who is telling the truth in this matter and who is too ashamed to come out into the light.

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